Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Progress, not perfection

No walking or yoga yet, but I did have a better evening than I usually do, possibly because I remembered to take my anti-stress Chinese herbs (8 little pills that I am supposed to take 2x a day) just before I left work.

Today I'm going to make sure I grab my shoes, socks, and a hat before I leave for work so that I can walk at work if I have 20 minutes free plus email my ex-husband, landscape designer extraordinaire, to see if he'll design my fall/winter garden as well as coordinating day laborers to dig out the horrible soil in our community garden plot and replace it with good stuff. I think I'll grab my Plus Sized Yoga DVD and put it out where I can't miss it when I get home, too - can't hurt, right? (Hey, I just saw these DVDs, too...perhaps I should add them to my Wish List.)

OK, I need to run so that I can get ready and take Al (the Pug) to his doggie day care with the girls at the vet's office...more tomorrow.

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