Friday, November 13, 2009

How am I doing so far? - Days 1 and 2

OK, here's the scoop for yesterday and today in terms of Leading a Healthy Life:

11/12 -
How did I feel when I went to bed? Not exhausted, just tired and ready for bed. Woke up refreshed, too!

How did I deal with stress? Pretty calm most of the day and I remembered to take my Chinese stress herbs

How's the house? Still a disaster

11/13 -
How do I feel now, just before going to sleep? Tired but not wiped out

Stress? Um, I plead "week before TTOM"...I cried in my office and just dragged myself around most of the day after a morning meeting

House? Total wreckage

So...we see that there are some good things going on (generally not completely wrecked at night) and still some areas to work on (stress relief). I need to do more work in some areas (walking and yoga first, I think) while some things I would have thought would be tough have been easy (eating veggies with every meal). All in all, I'm pleased.

In other news, Alouysius had his "Boy Into Man" surgery today and he's got to wear one of those conehead things for two weeks. (Poor him, poor us.)

Also? A week from today, I'll be crying, bleeding, and soaking in the tub after the first day of The Breast Cancer 3-Day...oh poop.

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