Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lead a Healthy Life - Project Charter

OK, every successful project starts with a great plan, so here's what I've got so far:

Project Goal - I want to live a healthy life!

Project Team - Sara (nutritionist), Judith (acupuncture practitioner), Dana (chiropractor), Dr. Bevan (general practice doctor), and me (project manager)

Requirements -
1. Get some exercise every day
2. Work on flexibility
3. Keep up with vitamins and Chinese herbs
4. Eat vegetables with every meal
5. Plant a Fall/Winter garden
6. Prepare meals as designed by nutritionist Sara for breakfast and dinner most days
Note: If scope of project has to be reduced, #s 1, 2, and 4 are Critical Path and must not be deferred, while the other three requirements are negotiable

Success metrics - (to be measured by posting here every single day of the project schedule)
1. How do I feel each night when I go to bed? Am I exhausted? Am I stressed out and barely able to make it up the stairs? Or am I pleasantly tired, relaxed, and ready for sleep?
2. How do I deal with stress? Do I mindlessly eat? Am I screaming at the puppy? Or do I take it all in stride and go for a short walk to burn off nervous energy during the day?
3. Is my house clean? I hate a messy house and yet mine usually is messy because I'm just too wiped - mentally and physically - to deal with it when I come home. A healthy life for me would also mean not just wanting to do something about the house but actually creating a daily chore list that would allow me to have the clean house that I want/need.

Schedule - November 12, 2009 through February 14, 2010 (Yep, that's Valentine's Day...)

You'll note that there's nothing in the metrics about "Did I eat my veggies today?" or "Did I get some exercise?" and that's because those are the means to the end I want, not the end itself, so it doesn't matter if I do them or not if I don't achieve the requirements for the project.

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